Friday Finds

I went out last night with a friend to an album release party. I left work to go home and change clothes. I wasn’t in the mood to be restrained; I wanted to be comfortable. So I put on a dress. When my friend comes to pick me up, she’s surprised that I was wearing a dress for my “something more comfortable.” She said, “You actually look kind of dressed up now, with that dress on!”

The purpose of that antecdote was to say simply: I love dresses. According to the fashion gods who dictate current trends, this summer, you should be wearing (as you might expect) bold colors and patterns. (Isn’t it funny how they say that every year like it’s something new?) These bold colors and patterns are even better, say the gods, if they’re on a dress. So I set out to find a great dress for the Friday Find. The dress I found and immediately fell in love with is not necessarily bold, though it is patterned. But it has what I refer to as “neckage.” And everyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for neckage (and dark colors).

I would totally wear this crepe silk dress year-round. For the summer, I’d pair it with a bright shoe that begged you for your attention. And by the fall, I’d probably wear it as the model here is.

Chloe animal print silk dress, $1920

Chloe animal print silk dress, $1920

I kept looking, though, and found something a bit more apropros for summer, with its sleeveless cut, cotton/silk blend and bubble bottom. It’s also by Chloe, and the red and purple contrast have to count for something in the likes of a bold color palette, right? This look, too, can be taken right into fall with a big, chunky cardigan, dark tights and a great pump.

See by Chloe cotton-blend printed dress, $395

See by Chloe cotton-blend printed dress, $395


~ by MsInklination on June 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “Friday Finds”

  1. I love the 2nd dress. Partly because of the color purple and partly because of the cut. I love it in any case.

  2. Jeans and a t-shirt is usually associated with something comfortable wear but an animal print silk dress? Hmmm … gotta wrap my mind around that one. lol

    I feel you though. I have to step my summer dress game up! 🙂 That cotton dress does look comfy as long as I don’t have to wear “a great pump”. I probably wear some flats with a bow on it for comforts’ sake.

    • Girl, when I wear those pants, it seems like I’m always reminding myself to suck in my gut! I didn’t want to be doing all of that at the party!

      I can totally see you in that second dress with a cute gladiator sandal! Let’s go dress shopping!

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