Reducing Myself

Once when I was home visiting my family, an older woman at my church informed me that she was proud of me because “you reducing yo-self.” I was taken aback for a second, but thankfully, I wasn’t having a ditzy moment, as I sometimes can and I recognized that she meant I was losing weight.

I’ve probably reduced and increased myself 17 times since then, but I have an announcement to make: I’ve reduced myself enough that I shimmied my way into a skirt that’s a different size than I customarily wear.

Over the weekend, I tried on a couple dresses in a department store with one of my closest friends there to tell me what looked right and what didn’t. There was one dress, in particular, I really thought was cute but hung on the rack a size smaller than my usual. We’ll call it a size R, where I typically wear a Q. (I should add also that I often have to buy my dresses a size larger than my ordinary because my boobs are … not shy about their presence.) Since it was the only one, I decided I’d try it on. Surprisingly, I could zip it up and everything. I didn’t buy it, though.

So here I am picking things up at Target and I decided to meander through the clothes section. And there hung a cute little skirt that was made even cuter by the fact that the price was marked $6.24. The downfall was that it was a size R. I mentioned this to the friend who was keeping me company via telephone during my shopping excursion, and she said, “Go ahead and try it on. You said that dress this weekend fit.” I hate trying clothes on, though, and decided that I’d try it on as soon as I got home, and if it didn’t fit, I’d just bring it back.

Drumroll please … even without a foundation garment, I got the skirt on! I enjoyed surprising myself.

A couple people told me I looked like I’d been reducing myself lately, but I discounted it. Maybe the people knew what they were talking about. I suppose this is thanks, in part, to my conversation with A.J. Johnson. (More on that, as promised, in a subsequent post.)

And here’s the skirt I bought from Target.

This also serves as a make-up Friday shopping post from last week. Don’t fret. I’ll be finding something fierce and grotesquely overpriced to post at the end of the week. By the way, pretend the legs and arms of this white girl are actually the legs of a pale light-skinned black girl.


~ by MsInklination on June 17, 2009.

One Response to “Reducing Myself”

  1. I like the way that sounds, “Reducing Myself.” I’ve never heard it put like that. That nakes it sound like I actually would like to take part in that movement. For health purposes, it also doesn’t make it so vain. I’ve recently reduced myself by 30 pounds. Here’s to further reduction and healthier lives! (As we clang our tall glasses of water.)

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