Reducing Myself Part Deux

How to become a certified banger A.J. Johnson style.

Johnson’s suggestions were considering the fact that there were three weeks to get as fine as possible for the work event that’s happening this Saturday. If fine is a size 8 … errr, well, I have a ways to go. But here are the tips I withheld a couple weeks ago.

1. Drink one gallon of water a day … at least. You know my history with water drinking, so I had this one on lock, for the most part. Johnson said, “I try to drink one liter before noon, the second liter by 4 p.m. …” And I totally agree. If I don’t get those first four glasses in by noon, I can hang it up. (Which was the case today.) The trainer suggests drinking purified water as opposed to distilled. There’s some reason it’s supposed to be better but I don’t remember–something about the minerals or something.

2. Restrict your sodium intake to 500 mg or less per day. Check the labels, people! Most of your favorite snacks will have at least half the amount of sodium Johnson is suggesting you consume in one day. Be wise and read the labels. This has been the most challenging one for me; it eliminates a lot of things you’d ordinarily find yourself snacking on.

3. Cut your fat intake by at least 100 grams. This, of course, means you have to pay even more attention to what you’re taking into your body. This means Ben & Jerry’s is probably not the snack for you, I mean me. Have I had some since I started this stringent plan? Sure have. But only once.

4. Eat six times per day. What are you going to be eating, you ask? White meats (turkey and chicken), white flaky fish (perch, halibut and the like) and water-based vegetables. If you try to reduce your meat intake, this means that you’ll be eating lots of veggies for meals and snacks. And what should you be seasoning those veggies and meats with? Fruit juice (like orange, pineapple, lime), fresh herbs, garlic, onion and Mrs. Dash–not salt.

Side note: Johnson also suggests staying clear of fruits. She’s a self-admitted vitamin and supplement fiend and says that when taking them, you really get nothing else from fruits besides sugar. I don’t see the problem with that. But then her body is 10 times more banging than mine. But I do have great boobs!


~ by MsInklination on June 17, 2009.

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