What it all Means


I’m not into astrology. It wasn’t until last year, literally, that I learned that my sign, Sagittarius, has two “t”s.

It seems that at least once a month or so someone asks me “What’s your sign.” This someone may be a man or a woman, doesn’t matter. It just seems it’s one of those questions you ask like “How’re you enjoying this weather?” or “Do you have the time?”

Just yesterday, I was asked this very question. “What’s your sign? I like your energy.”

So I did a little research to find out what it is that distinguishes us Sagittarians from the other astrological signs.

This is what I discovered after looking at a few websites: Sagittarius is a masculine, fire sign that’s ruled by the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is a planet of broader purpose, reach and possibility, optimism and growth. This sign is where you’ll find the wanderers, if you’re lucky. They apparently wander because they’re looking for truth and the knowledge acquired while on their journey helps in their approaches to life. Acutely interested in philosophy and religion, those under this sign use these interests to navigate their way. Ultimately, Sagittarians want to know the meaning of life and are rabid consumers of information.

Those born under this Sign are clear thinkers and choose to look at the big picture most of the time. They also like it when others agree with their well-thought-out points of view. On the extreme, a Sagittarius can become argumentative and blunt. It’s also a good idea to give Sagittarians room to explore their world; if ever they feel restrained, they become impatient and difficult.

And the fire element? There’s a warm radiance, a trust in life’s journey and a willingness to take risks. Any get together is made better with an “on” fire sign. They’re great catalysts for play and liable to unearth the spontaneous side of those around them. They sense their destiny and often lead others to theirs.

Fire signs act on instinct. This makes them look reckless to cautious types but they’re actually following a powerful intuition that keeps them at the leading edge of fresh experiences.

OK. That’s enough. Interestingly, however, some of these things match me. Is that just a coincidence or what? Don’t know. After I finish writing this, though, I’m sure I won’t remember most of it. But perhaps from now on, if someone says something to me about my personality, I’ll simply reply: “Well, you know us Sagittarians …”


~ by MsInklination on June 8, 2009.

One Response to “What it all Means”

  1. No, please don’t reply like that. lol

    I have noticed some interesting similarities between people of the same zodiac sign though.

    And the areas where one may differ from the standard description of his/her zodiac sign could be a result of what other signs he/she was influenced by. Like, I think I’m a special kind of Gemini being raised by a Sagittarius and a Taurus.

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