There’s Really No Point

I ended up doing more this weekend than I anticipated. Over the next few days, I’ll be writing about what I did and, more interestingly perhaps, the thoughts and questions that crossed my mind while doing them.

Up first: the invite-only silent auction of several pairs of Nike Air Yeezy’s at an exclusive sneaker boutique here in the city. Now, I’m a self-admitted shoe fanatic, but I’ve never been much into tennis shoes. I own a pair of Chuck Taylor’s I like a lot but really don’t have many opportunities to wear them. I guess I could create an opportunity, like I do with all my other shoes, but I don’t. So anyway, I’m at this midnight madness gym shoe party that I, by the way, was not invited to; I tagged along with one of my dudes. I’m looking everywhere in the store for this Kanye West rubber-soled shoe by Nike—that I didn’t even know existed … an Air Yeezy? … I only knew about the shoes he did with Louis Vuitton—and don’t see it. I do, however, see multiple walls littered with Nikes and a small section for Adidas that are visibly vibrating with the DJs pick “I Was Gittin’ Some Head.” Apparently, this is an old cut but how unclever is a song titled, “I Was Gitting Some Head”? “I was gittin’ some head/gittin’ gittin’ some head” That’s all I remember from the entire song. (The walls were vibrating, that is, not the Adidas.)

Trying not to look quite as conspicuous as I did, dressed in a silk halter-style dress with a cardigan and a five-inch strappy number on my feet, as everyone else around me was dressed similarly with their own variations of the preppy, hip-hop look, dude and I make our way through a Middle Passage type hallways into a dark room with black lights sitting on the table, and there it is … the Air Yeezy. Papers on the wall offer bidders an opportunity to put their names and the amount they’re willing to pay for this terribly simplistic glow-in-the-dark athletic shoe that undoubtedly no one would ever wear to do athletic things. The second bid for a size 11 was $600.

Dude and I left the store around midnight as people continued to meander in, presumably because they had at least $601 they were willing to spend on a size 11 Air Yeezy. Yeah. That’s basically the end of that story. Here’s the shoe …

Nike Air Yeezy

Nike Air Yeezy


~ by MsInklination on June 8, 2009.

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