Give Us Us Free

My friend and I had a BBM (gotta love a Blackberry!) conversation recently that made me think. It’s amazing how you can keep relearning truths about humanity and they still seem like new ones. That’s what happened in this conversation—a sad recognition. After we made fun of someone wearing a bubble vest in June in Mississippi, we talked about freedom … or not. Here, a part of the conversation:

MsInklination: How was last night? I mean besides the bubble vest!
I Can’t Cope: Funny. LOL. … Someone put something on my mind
MsInklination: What’s on your mind?
I Can’t Cope: He said it’s hard for people to understand that they can be free when they only believe they can control their penis or clit
I Can’t Cope: I was performing and they looked @ me like I was crazy.
MsInklination: Noteworthy thought, but I don’t think most people think they can or try to control their penis or clitoris. Most people are not “captains of their souls” as that poem says.
I Can’t Cope: They do control it
MsInklination: Disagree.
MsInklination: They’re ruled by their flesh. Their emotions. Their desires.
I Can’t Cope: Okay?
MsInklination: Their erroneous thoughts.
I Can’t Cope: Okay. They control pleasure
MsInklination: That’s not them in control; they’re being controlled. So taking charge for freedom’s sake is an absolutely foreign concept. … “You mean I can say ‘no’?”
I Can’t Cope: Okay
MsInklination: “You mean I can say “I’m not willing to take this anymore’?”
I Can’t Cope: Exactly. I determine where it goes
MsInklination: People don’t want responsibility. I, sadly, realize that more and more.
I Can’t Cope: Yep. They don’t wanna be free. They want benevolent masters
MsInklination: Wow! Very good!
MsInklination: And they want that because if something goes wrong, they can point the finger.
MsInklination: And when it’s going right, they don’t say “Ahhh … He sure is a kind master,” but rather, “Man, life is great!”
I Can’t Cope: Yep

What do you think? Is freedom an illusion, or is it mine and yours to be had? And is it something we’re given, or do we take it? Can you be liberated and in bondage simultaneously?


~ by MsInklination on June 5, 2009.

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