Withholding Judgment

Being judgmental is not a good thing. You know, there’s a scripture that talks about not tripping on the sawdust in someone else’s eye, when there’s a 2X4 in yours (nac. translation). So I work not to pass judgment on people. What other people decide to do with their bodies and such is none of my business. But this …

… is ridiculous. Seriously. It enrages me on multiple levels. The basic statistics are that this man—and I use that term loosely, much like his … never mind—is 29 years old, has at least 21 children by 11 different women. The oldest child is 11. So since he was 21, he’s been pumping sperm into, it seems, just about any woman who gave him access to her body. Seriously? This. is. nasty. It just is. It’s disgusting.

Just this past weekend, I spent time with some young people, and I chewed a young woman out for having unprotected sex. It pisses me off that people do that. There is no legitimate excuse for condom-less sex. There really isn’t. What person in his right mind rationalizes having sex with 11 women without using protection?

Furthermore, what woman besides one who is misguided, self-ignorant, self-loathing, self-(insert your own descriptor here) has sex with this man? How much love are you lacking that a man can explain to you that he has five (six, seven … 19) children, five (six, seven … 10) different mothers and you let him impregnate you? What is it? You want to be part of the club? You just have to be number 11? I bet he didn’t even lie about his baby-making trysts since he considers the babies and their mothers’ his “family.” Family? Really? Wow. This makes the Duggars look like they have sense. (See. There’s judgment creeping in there, if you didn’t catch it. Before I was made aware of this guy, I thought the government should swoop in and demand the Duggars shut down their baby-making factory, even if that meant they couldn’t have sex anymore. Well, actually, they probably only have it when they’re procreating J-named spawns, which brings their sexy time sessions up to 16, since they have 18 children, two sets of twins. So they wouldn’t be missing much, but I digress)

The State of Tennessee can only garnish up to 50 percent of his check. This means for some of the children, because of their sperm donor’s minimum-wage-job-having self, will only potentially receive $2 in child support every month. And then he’s black. What’s that have to do with it? I don’t know. Something. It goes back to the collective failure, individual success thing I think about with respect to our culture. He’s making us all look bad … or is he?


~ by MsInklination on May 27, 2009.

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