Where the Writers At? (Right Behind that Preposition.)

I posted this last year elsewhere. I’m lazy and just decided to re-post, instead of thinking of something new to say today.

Let me just put the truth on out there: I’m a nerd, and upon reading this blog you will either be offended, confused or relieved that you’re not the “only one who thinks that.”

This morning, I read an article published on one of the several reputable news and/or black-focused sites of which I’m a member. There, I read ” … that may make you think twice about where you make dinner reservations at:” Sorry. What? Where you make dinner reservations at? I’ll give it to you, this is not the most flagrant error (ending a sentence with a preposition), but it stood out to me like hearing a Slick Rick cut among a Quiet Storm set of slow jams.

In these vent-your-frustration and everybody-has-a-story times when blogging and other such outlets are ubiquitous, everyone, it seems, wants to be a writer. Everyone. Everyone, however, is not. Yes, we all have our opinions and it’s your constitutional right to express them, but come on … Just because you write, it doesn’t make you a writer. Just because you have a book idea, you’re not an author. Just because you’ve read a book or an article on a subject, you’re not, necessarily, an authority on said subject. I bet you the $0.83 in my purse that Cornel West, if you agree with the positions he takes or not, has read more than one book on race.

I’m completely aware that I sound like an intellectual elitist. That’s not my intention. Really. It’s not. Please believe me. This is all I’m saying: I take my craft seriously. There are topics I’d love to address via written word, but I find myself paralyzed by “what if it doesn’t come across like I mean it to” fears. (Kind of like now, actually.) So I take slight offense (OK, OK, sometimes it’s more significant than slight) when people christen, anoint and appoint themselves titles and positions and the like without knowing much background, having real talent or the willingness to work at improvement. … Kind of like Sarah Palin and her admittance that she agreed, without hesitation or real consideration when asked, to be John McCain’s running mate. But that’s another blog for another day.

We all make mistakes, I know this. I will probably find a misplaced comma in this very entry as soon as I post it for whoever to read it that will, but please, you writers and writer wanna-bes, I beg you. Learn. the. rules. before. you. break. them.


~ by MsInklination on May 15, 2009.

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